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Media Monitoring: 10th – 16th December

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Government delivers on pledge for £50 million motor neurone disease research funding

  • The full £50 million pledged for motor neurone disease (MND) research is being placed into the hands of researchers as quickly as possible with further awards made this week
  • £29.5 million of government funding to be invested immediately through specialist research centres and partnerships with leading researchers
  • Biomedical Research Centres – which are collaborations between academics and clinicians to translate breakthroughs in the lab into potential new treatments, diagnostics and medical technologies – will organise the funding


Shadow Business Secretary, Jonathan Reynolds MP, speaks at Labour’s Business Conference

  • “Just this week, Wes Streeting and I were meeting with the Life Sciences sector, looking at how we could use and improve, NHS data, as the means to underpin both healthcare and a whole new range of exciting innovative jobs.”
  • “And we’ll put the Industrial Strategy Council on a statutory footing to ensure these (life science) missions last beyond political cycles giving you the investment certainty you need.”
  • “We’ll be hugely ambitious on innovation, with our commitment to 3% of GDP being spent on research and development.”
  • “We shouldn’t pick between the Oxford-Cambridge arc or levelling up, we should back both. We shouldn’t say it’s a choice between a world class science cluster at Harwell or Daresbury we should back both.”


Decade of neglect means NHS unable to tackle care backlog, report says

  • The King’s Fund paper claims years of underfunding and failure to address workforce problems have left the NHS in crisis
  • These facts, combined with strike action, will cripple the Government’s ability to improve the NHS’s long waiting lists
  • The report unfavourably compares the successive Conservative Governments’ record on the NHS with that of Blair and Brown’s Labour Party


NHS has had extra funding but performs worse than before, says IFS


UK Science and Technology Minister launches new global international science partnership funding in Tokyo with initial £119m of funding

  • A new global research fund to deepen scientific collaboration between the UK and international R&D powers like Japan will be opened with an initial £119 million in UK Government funding, UK Science Minister George Freeman announced this week
  • The UK Science Minister was in Tokyo, Japan this week to announce the first phase of the new International Science Partnerships Fund (ISPF)
  • The fund will support and fund UK scientists and innovators to work with peers around the world on some of the most pressing issues facing our world


Researchers Develop Hand-Held Biosensor for Detection of Oral Cancer

  • Taiwanese researchers have made a breakthrough on the detection of oral cancer
  • The group’s biosensor consists of a sensor strip, similar to a glucose strip, and a circuit board (a hand-held terminal like a glucometer) for detection
  • Oral cancer is the 13th most common type of cancer globally, and oral squamous cell carcinomas (OSCCs) account for more than 90% of oral cancers





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