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KTN/ABPI/Innovate UK event on Net Zero in Medicines Manufacturing

By October 14, 2021No Comments

There will be a virtual event hosted by KTN/ABPI/Innovate UK on ‘Net Zero in Medicines Manufacturing: Measuring and Reporting Carbon Footprint’. It takes place on Friday 22 October from 10am-12pm.

This free to attend webinar is aimed at medicines manufacturers to learn about systems and tools for measuring and reporting on Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon outputs.  Manufacturers of medical technologies and organisations involved in supply chain are also welcome.

This is particularly applicable to SMEs who want to find out more about carbon reporting structures and tools from organisations who have established systems. This webinar will feature presentations and discussion from GSK, AstraZeneca and Pfizer on reporting and science-based targets, and why they are important, and what are the external demands.  We will feature practical application case studies on Scope 1 & 2, and explore the challenges and opportunities to decarbonise the whole value chain (Scope 3).  There will also be a presentation from NHS on forthcoming supplier guidelines.

Please find more information on the webinar and how to register at this page.