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Innovate UK co-funds new lateral flow test digital reader to improve

By February 11, 2022No Comments

A lateral flow test digital reader has been given special use authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and aims to act as a tool to improve remote diagnostics for a range of health conditions. The product has been produced using UnifAI Technology and the project co-funded by Innovate UK.

It uses advanced AI to turn “otherwise analogue and siloed lateral flow and other point of care tests into connected and digital tests, providing auditable and evidence-based results”. This allows for improved reading of test results, leading to a reduction in transmission of the virus and its impact on the community.

According to UnifAI, its Technology Digital Reader uses a proprietary Deep Learning AI capability in combination with users’ smartphone cameras, and has demonstrated to read Lateral Flow Tests more accurately than the human eye in tests.

The Special Use derogation currently covers Innova, ACON and Orient Gene and MP Bio lateral flow tests. Further tests expected to be added.

“This capability has wider applicability beyond COVID and can be used to help improve remote diagnostics for a range of health conditions. This will become increasingly important in the developed and developing world as we face new healthcare challenges”, said Phil Hughes, Chairman and CEO of UnifAI Technology.