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Hundreds of thousands more people will be sent a home-testing kit that can help to detect signs of bowel cancer, as the NHS expands its lifesaving screening programme to individuals aged 54 in England. (NHSE)

By January 3, 2024No Comments

People aged 54 will now automatically receive a home test kit every two years by post when they become eligible. The kit, known as the faecal immunochemical test (FIT), checks for blood in a small stool sample, which can be a sign of bowel cancer.

The phased expansion to people aged 54 years means an additional 830,000 people in England will now be eligible for the screening test, with London, which has the lowest uptake in the country, amongst the first places to roll out to this age group.

This significant expansion of the national bowel screening programme is the latest step in the NHS’s drive to find cancers at an earlier stage when they are easier to treat.

Through regular screening, the programme aims to diagnose bowel cancers at an earlier stage, increasing the chances of successful treatment and survival.