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HMRC urges businesses to switch to the new Customs Declaration Service for exchange of goods between GB and UK

By June 24, 2022No Comments

HMRC has reached out to businesses this week alerting them of the need to utilise the new Customs Declaration Service in advance of 30 September 2022. The new streamlined customs IT platform must be used from this date onwards, and it will replace the previous Customs Handling Import and Export Freight (CHIEF), representing a significant upgrade by providing businesses with a more user-friendly, streamlined system that offers greater functionality.

This marks the first step towards the government’s vision of a Single Trade Window, which will have considerable benefits for businesses through reduced form-filling, better data use across government and a smoother experience for users.

Businesses with a customs agent must make sure they are ready to make their import declarations on the Customs Declaration Service by 30 September. Those without a customs agent must set themselves up to make their own declarations using software that works with the system before the 30 September deadline.

According to HMRC, the Customs Declaration Service helps your business save time, clear goods without delay and manage finances by:

  • allowing you to submit customs documents digitally and safely using the Secure File Upload service
  • providing access to all your financial information in a single financial dashboard where you can view account statements, make payments and control standing authority
  • giving real time notifications and alerts on all your customs declarations and movements
  • allowing you to manage your business finances by opening a duty deferment account, make payments by card or bank transfer enabling your goods to clear without delay.

“It takes businesses time to move across onto the Customs Declaration Service depending on the size and nature of their business so they must start the process now to ensure that they are fully set up ahead of the 30 September deadline”, said Carol Bristow, HMRC’s Director General for Borders and Trade.

Please read the full letter here from HMRC to business on the new Service, timelines and new import controls being postponed until 2023.

Natalie Creaney