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G7 Finance Ministers agree statement on Actions to Support Antibiotic Development

By December 17, 2021No Comments

G7 Finance Ministers have this week agreed a mission statement on supporting antibiotic development to avoid the “silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance” in the future.

All G7 members have committed to expedite the implementation of their existing AMR Action Plans and related strategies, and to take additional specific and appropriate steps to address antibiotic market failure and create the right economic conditions to preserve essential existing antibiotics and ensure their access, strengthen AMR antibiotic research and development, and bring new drugs to market where they meet identified public health needs.

Additionally, G7 members have welcomed the establishment of a $1bn AMR action fund by industry which seeks to bring four new antibiotics to market by 2030. They have also pledged to intensify their action across the G7 and ensure that AMR-related action is revitalised at the G20.

This statement follows the G7 summit held in Cornwall last summer where AMR was one of the key topics on the health agenda.

Ben Kemp