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First ever rapid test for brain cancer recurrence developed

By November 10, 2023No Comments

The world-first finger prick lateral flow test to detect the recurrence of brain cancer is being developed by researchers.  The test is set to revolutionise the monitoring of recurrent brain tumours by allowing patients to easily, rapidly and cheaply test for the disease.

This is especially important to sufferers of brain cancers which have high recurrence rates, such as glioblastoma, allowing them to test repeatedly in a convenient setting, therefore catching recurrence much earlier than usual. Recurrence can be unpredictable and is often diagnosed at a late stage, leading to poor prognosis.

This also benefits clinicians and healthcare systems, removing the need for some appointments and costly MRI scans.

A team at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is leading the work, funded by the Medical Research Council, and working with researchers at the University of Sheffield.

The test will work by detecting tumour-specific molecules in the blood, indicating the return of cancer. Prototypes are currently being developed before the clinical trial stage.