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Digital health provider creates “world-first” smartphone cardiovascular test

By January 28, 2022No Comments

A British digital health platform and personal health provider has created what it calls the world’s first smartphone-based test for cardiovascular disease. The company is named ‘PocDoc’, and the team claim to be on track to launch in the Spring. The technology will initially be available to healthcare distributors and businesses such as private healthcare providers, pharmacies, care workers and NHS provider. A wider public roll out is planned for later in 2022 that will enable people to test themselves at home.

The PocDoc platform combines digital technology and a proprietary lateral flow system to allow for precise colour measurement to determine the quantitative concentration of key blood-based biomarkers associated with major global diseases. The test is able to cover the full five marker lipid panel that has been established “as the gold standard for cardiovascular assessment”. As a result, the app can be used to help self-diagnosis of heart conditions for people at home.

An estimated 17.9 million people lose their lives to cardiovascular disease each year across the world, and it is the single biggest killer. Costs are at very high levels in healthcare systems relating to these conditions; CVD-related healthcare costs alone in England amount to an estimated £7.4 billion per year.

Testing with PocDoc will be a five-step process that involves:

  • Downloading the PocDoc app and filling out a health questionnaire
  • Pricking your finger and dropping your sample onto the PocDoc lateral flow test
  • Letting the test develop for six minutes
  • Taking a photo of your test using your phone and the PocDoc app
  • Receiving results immediately via the app alongside a personalised health assessment

“Personal diagnostics can free up desperately needed clinical time for the NHS while also helping people to detect potential health issues earlier for a fraction of the price of lab testing, helping to avoid long and costly treatment down the line and improve health outcomes across the board”, said PocDoc CEO & co-founder, Steve Roest.