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Community diagnostic centres deliver over 700,000 tests thus far

By April 8, 2022No Comments

The Government’s flagship community diagnostic centre (CDC) project is already making huge progress in clearing part of the backlog by performing almost a million additional tests, which is the equivalent to 30,000 extra tests per week.

73 CDCs have already opened across the UK and, due to funds made available by the newly-launched Health and Social Care Levy, up to 160 are to open by 2025. By May, four extra CDCs will have opened their doors to patients.

While the Government believes that CDCs are a crucial tool to clear the backlog, they also claim it will provide an improved patient experience. This is due to their increased efficiency and convenience, as in the latter’s case they are often much closer to home for patients.

Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid, commenting on the Health and Social Care Levy which has made the CDC project possible, said:

“From Wednesday, the Health and Social Care Levy will raise billions to improve services that really matter to the public, and help us recover and reform as we begin to live with COVID.

“This is vital funding for the NHS that will clear the COVID backlogs, helping to reduce waiting times, deliver millions more checks, scans and operations, and reform the adult social care system”.

Ben Kemp