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Breakthrough’ blood test for sepsis to save lives (The Times paywall)

By January 3, 2024No Comments

A blood test is being trialled that can rapidly detect whether a patient has sepsis, in what could be a breakthrough for sepsis diagnosis and treatment.  Sepsis is a notoriously difficult condition to diagnose and early intervention significantly improves patient outcomes. Dr Andrew Retter, an intensive care consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust in London, who is conducting the trial, believes the test could be a huge step in the treatment of sepsis because it will give “a window into excess activation of our immune system”. He added: “If someone comes into A&E and they’re sick, we can spot that early and start treatment early. For every hour antibiotics are delayed, people’s mortality goes up by about 7 or 8 per cent if they’ve got sepsis.”

This story has been covered widely across national publications, including Daily Express, Mail Online, and ITV News.

This news is incredibly exciting, as it shows just how key diagnostics are to patients and the wider healthcare system, and it is great to see such wide interest for a new diagnostic test that could potentially save thousands of lives.