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BIVDA’s Sustainability Seminar – Summary from Helen Dent

By September 17, 2021No Comments

We are delighted to have held our first Seminar on Sustainability on Wednesday afternoon.

This was a face-to-face meeting which was a roundtable event of 35 attendees with guest speakers.

Our speakers included.

The Deputy Director for Strategy, Policy & Regulation from the Medical Technology Directorate at the DHSC and the Head of Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chain for NHS England/ Improvement. We also had a pre-recorded message from the Strategic Procurement policy department at the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply and an ad-hoc session from our PR company, Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry followed by both the Director of Strategic Programmes and the Innovation Lead from Innovate UK. We also welcomed the Environment & Sustainability Officer, from Medtech Europe and the day was wrapped up by a presentation from me about the BIVDA programme for 2021-2023.

Each presenter was asked to outline the approach and progress of their organisations and after each session, the members discussed and provided thoughts, ideas and feedback.

Members were encouraged to not only think about what it could mean for their own companies, but to recognise that Sustainability is Sustainability regardless of the requesting organisation. This is a really key message, that if you are a sustainable company – then it shouldn’t matter which organisation you are working with – your activities and progress is valuable and useable across the board.

BIVDA will have a Sustainability portal on the BIVDA website where all members large and small can get what they need.

This will include extensive training, guidance, descriptive documents, templates, processes and case studies – all of which will enable your company to meet KPI’s, the NHS Net Zero in full (relative to the specific requirements) and also meet the social value elements. The BIVDA programme will incorporate Sustainability as a concept and subject matter.

Sustainability doesn’t depend on the organisations we are working with, but our programme will enable members to respond to any organisation requirements. DHSC/ EU/ NHSE/ NHS Trusts/ NHS Scotland/ NHS Wales/ Private Sector/ Retail and Consumer.

This won’t be a commercial programme and won’t give any member company any distinct competitive advantage. It is intended to comprise of tools, support and information and how companies use this programme will determine their advantage.

There will be a Sustainability Charter created with BIVDA members.

The pandemic has been a challenging time for everyone, but our industry has been at the forefront of the pandemic response, we can also be at the fore-front of Sustainability!

At BIVDA we are committed to the sustainability agenda and believe that we can help support and empower member companies to reach your sustainable and environmental objectives. We have a member Sub-Group which serves as a steering committee which is made up of member companies both multi-national and SME, we have representation from NHS Supply Chain and are looking to expand to include “Customers” E.g. IBMS, ACB, RCPath. We continue to utilise resources from Medtech Europe which is keeping EU regulation and initiatives accessible.

We are also hoping to recruit an FTE Regulatory Affairs Manager, with a core job responsibility to ensure the guidance and supporting documentation is up to date for members to access LIVE.

It went so well and was very inspiring.  It certainly achieved what I was aiming for. I would be very grateful for any members who were able to attend to provide any feedback to me

We have a lot of work to do to get this programme up and running for members to take advantage of, but there is free training available to members which you can find in our “training” section of the weekly news letter which will go a long way to help you start or progress on your journey to Net Zero.

I’d also like to bring to your attention #ReclaimTheTest

In a UK first, rapid flow test kits and PPE kits can be fully recycled.

ReWorked, an innovative recycling company based in Yorkshire are responsible for this scheme. COVID lateral flow testing kits, other plastic-based kits and PPE can be transformed into children’s furniture, shelters, shopfitting and even more recycling bins.

The scheme is available on a small scale via ReWorked recycling boxes and bins made from 100% recycled plastic. Or on a much larger scale via the business’s pallet box scheme, you contact the company for more information.

You should be able to receive 10% off the price off the campaign’s products, please use the ‘BIVDA’ code when purchasing online.

BIVDA also have a box in our reception for any members attending the office.

The next steps are to incorporate the feedback and content from this seminar into the basic programme and we aim to get the portal live by December!

In the meantime, please join us in our Procurement, Environmental and External Affairs working parties where the agenda’s will be contributing to the programme and providing members with the support needed. To register to these groups, please contact Natalie