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BIVDA’s Mid-Year General Meeting takes place in London

By October 22, 2021No Comments

Yesterday’s “in-Person” Mid-Year General Meeting was a fantastic event, we have had some great feedback and it was refreshing to see people face to face.

It was a smaller affair than previous meetings, but as we take tentative steps, it is understandable and acceptable to be flexible as we emerge from the pandemic, it was more intimate than usual and the up shot of this, is that we got to speak to everyone.

The first session was member focused, where the benefits and structure of the Market Audit was covered by John Bagshaw, a member of our Executive Board and previous interim COO.

27 Companies submit data representing over 95% of the UK market with revenues, participants and trends down to the level of individual test types. Of course, 2020/21 has been the most turbulent period recorded, and the BIVDA market audit report has tracked this.

The benefits of participating include the ability to understand the available markets, growth in each area, and the market share, which in turn allows an understanding of the potential for launch and uptake. The data in the report is invaluable for strategic planning and execution and its free to participate!

In summary, this shows the UK market 2019-2021, please contact us for further information on the detail.


The next section was titled “Getting the most out of your membership”.

BIVDA is entirely a member led/ agenda led service for members and everything we do is ultimately shaped by members. Here we asked members to phone us, participate in surveys, come to meet us and fellow members and register for the working party meetings, strategic events and general meetings. We need to hear what you have to say, whether it is at an individual level, collective or sector level.

The working parties were discussed in detail with an explanation of how the public programmes that are core to BIVDA activities relate to our meeting structure and content.

As your Trade Association we will answer questions and support you on an individual company basis, it doesn’t matter if no-one else appears to have the same issue – call me! 07960 930879. We will know the answer to assist you, or we will know someone who does.

If there are recurring issues, or themes from members calling, then this will be escalated to a collective discussion at working party level and resolved or worked through, in the agendas or training aspect of the meetings.

If there are synergies and recurring themes across working parties, these will be escalated to External Affairs and a sector position/ action undertaken.

Everything from individual to collective feeds through the structure to form the long-term strategy and operational workplan.

In the second session, we welcomed David Thorne, the Director of NHS Insights & Interaction, Mtech Access. His session examined Integrated Care Services & the new NHS Contract – discussing in detail the implications for Pathology & diagnostic testing. We will be mapping this and providing member companies the foundations required to compete and sell into the new structure which will include informatory webinars, training and support.

The new structure is fundamentally different and the money controlled in a different way. It was a fascinating presentation, and we encourage you to listen to the recording if you were unable to attend, and feedback your thoughts to Helen

Our final speaker was Professor Sir Mike Richards, whenever Professor Richards speaks to us, his viewpoint and expertise never fails to hit home. He talked about early diagnosis and the Community Diagnostic Hubs and the role of networks with point of care.

There were questions and further discussion arising from both of our guest’s talks, and you can hear this within the recording that will be sent out. Please contact Nat for a copy.

We are delighted that both David, and Professor Sir Mike were able to join us in person, and we know it was also valuable to them to see the point of view of industry for their work.