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BIVDA member company makes breakthrough with skin cancer prediction test

By January 14, 2022No Comments

AMLo Biosciences is a BIVDA member company, and SME, which has received media attention over some very interesting research published from Newcastle University. The company has developed a test which reliably predicts the spread or return of the most deadly form of skin cancer.

The team at Newcastle University, led by Professor Penny Lovat, in association with AMLo Biosciences have now described the process by which the secretion of TGFβ2 by a primary melanoma causes the reduction, or downregulation, of the proteins AMBRA1 and loricrin in the epidermis overlying the tumour.

Every year around 16,000 people are diagnosed with Stage I or II melanoma. All of these are managed as if at-risk on an intensive follow-up regimen. However, fewer than 20% of these will metastasise. By detecting the presence or absence of AMBRA1 and loricrin in the skin over a tumour, genuinely low-risk patients can be identified and potentially have a less intensive follow-up regimen.

BBC News, Newcastle University’s press team and the British Skin Foundation have featured the breakthrough on their channels.

Please find links below to media coverage of the test: