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BIVDA Celebrates Doris-Ann’s 20-Year Anniversary

By October 6, 2021October 8th, 2021No Comments

BIVDA Celebrate Doris-Ann Williams 20 year Anniversary

On 1 October 2021, Doris-Ann Williams celebrated her 20-year anniversary of joining BIVDA to lead and develop the trade organisation which represents the In Vitro Diagnostic industry in the UK.

The landscape for IVD’s is unrecognisable and the achievements realised by everyone in the industry are countless, it is clear that Doris-Ann has had immense input in reaching where we are today.

Since 2001, few health care leaders and politicians with an interest in the NHS have not met or heard from Doris-Ann as she has led the drive to increase understanding and appreciation of the value of IVDs in helping deliver better health outcomes, and few have not appreciated the charm and insight with which she has achieved that goal.

During her time at BIVDA, Doris-Ann has been awarded an MBE for services to the industry in 2011, and has been recognised as a ‘Friend of the Royal College of Pathologists’ and as a ‘Friend of the Association for Clinical Biochemistry’. She has also served as Vice President of the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee.

On Tuesday 5th October a group comprising many of the current Executive Board, plus previous Chairs, Executives and colleagues gathered at the Royal Society of Medicine headquarters in London to celebrate her 20th anniversary in post with a lunch and presentation of a glass plaque engraved with the message ‘With thanks and appreciation for your dedication to the industry’.

  Afterwards Doris-Ann said ‘I had the most wonderful surprise today with a 20th anniversary lunch organised by Jag Grewal with the current BIVDA Board BUT ALSO many friends/former Exec members – who I didn’t expect to see! Thank you to everyone who travelled to join me [including Willie Burns, Mary Coakley, Brian Fishwick, Cleve, Paul Weinberger, John Bagshaw, George Zajicek, Peter McCulloch] Feel very touched, it was a fabulous day!’

More celebrations with the Secretariat are planned later in the month for them to recognise and thank her for the support and mentorship she gives, the team is thriving and growing which is testament to the dedication, experience and leadership she provides for them, the members and the industry.

“I love working with Doris-Ann, she is a fantastic mentor and has so much to give, her passion for IVD’s and member companies gels us together and makes BIVDA a really nice place to work” Helen (COO)

“On a personal note, having worked with Doris-Ann for over two years the following words about her spring to mind…patient, gracious, thoughtful and kind. Doris-Ann has made and continues to make an invaluable contribution to the diagnostic industry.” Natalie (Operations Manager)

“It’s fantastic to work with an inspiring industry leader such as Doris-Ann. She has made a remarkable impact on the IVD and life sciences sector during her career and I thank her for the support and collegiality she has provided during my time at BIVDA.” Michael (Government Affairs Officer)

John Bagshaw