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AstraZeneca opens The Discovery Centre in Cambridge

By November 26, 2021No Comments

The move will bolster AstraZeneca’s efforts to develop cutting-edge therapeutics, such as nucleotide-based gene-editing and cell therapies, and support their focus on specialised and precision medicines.

The company hopes that the unveiling marks a new wave of scientific innovation for the UK. It also puts the UK’s world-class life sciences cluster in Cambridge, which generates almost £3 billion annually to the economy, firmly in the spotlight once more.

It is believed the facility’s proximity to several research institutions, hospitals and biotech companies will encourage a culture of open partnership and innovation which will significantly benefit the UK’s health and life sciences space in the future.

The building’s innovative and sustainable design features 174 boreholes to provide natural geothermal energy and hybrid cooling towers to ensure that company meet their target of being net zero by 2025.