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£10 million invested in cancer and chronic health conditions

By December 15, 2023No Comments

Innovate UK and OLS will invest £10 million in 17 projects as part of the advancing precision medicines competition. The OLS funding is part of the life sciences vision cancer mission.

Precision medicine offers new ways of treating disease based on individual patient characteristics and can enable earlier and more accurate diagnosis of diseases, including cancer.

The funded projects will draw together diagnostic information from a range of sources that when integrated allow more accurate diagnosis and treatment allocation. The projects focus on oncology, musculoskeletal and cardiovascular disease, and other chronic conditions.

Several projects are using artificial intelligence or machine learning either to better diagnose diseases and predict patient outcomes or to help clinicians choose the most effective treatments for individual patients.

One project is developing a blood test that will help predict which patients with advanced breast cancer will benefit from new therapies.

A further project will test if it is possible to predict which patients with cancer are at risk of developing neutropenia when being given chemotherapy. Neutropenia is a common, but serious side effect, where the number of white blood cells is reduced so patients are more vulnerable to infection.

Minister for Science, Innovation and Research Andrew Griffith said: ‘Pioneering technology can be key to UK researchers achieving breakthroughs that tackle some of the hardest-to-treat illnesses, such as cancer and heart difficulties.

‘This investment in funding for projects across the UK will harness artificial intelligence and more cutting-edge tech in ways that could ultimately save lives while growing our world-class life sciences sector.’