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NHS Confederation – Call for information on Swiss-UK FTA consultation

By June 10, 2022No Comments

Doris-Ann and Michael met with NHS Confederation’s European Office team, Rosie Richards and Kate Ling, this week and discussed the ongoing Swiss-UK free-trade agreement consultation process.

Please find the call for input page on here.

The DIT is especially asking for views about

  • Which areas do you want the UK government to prioritise in trade talks with Switzerland when negotiating an enhanced FTA?
  • Are you facing challenges or constraints when attempting to trade or invest in Switzerland, and if so, how significant is this on your business activity?
  • How do you expect your business to respond if restrictions were removed on services trade with Switzerland?
  • Is your business trading innovative goods and services with Switzerland, and how can trade talks support increased innovation?

If you have any information on behalf of your IVD company that you would like to contribute to the consultation and specifically the NHS Confederation team’s, then please get in touch with Ashleigh.