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Free Webinar: UK REACH and GB Biocidal Products: Data Sharing, Disputes and Appeals

By December 3, 2021No Comments

The introduction of UK REACH and GB Biocidal Products has seen the chemicals and biocides industries facing the challenge of new regulatory regimes for the British market, with data sharing being one of the most pressing issues.

Date: Wednesday 8 December 2021 – 14.00pm

This webinar will address how the new GB legal system will work, and provide practical advice on navigating data sharing discussions. You can hear directly from the First-Tier Tribunal lead environment judge on how UK REACH appeals will be heard.

• lessons to learn from the EU regime and Board of Appeal decisions;
• GB data sharing disputes and appeals – differences from and similarities to the EU;
• practical advice for data sharing negotiations; and
• the appeals process, including the role of the First-tier Tribunal, General
Regulatory Chamber.

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