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The Government has recently published a policy paper outlining their intention to create AI regulations which support innovation.

Stakeholder views are being sought to help achieve this objective. We would kindly ask interested members to consider the document and answer the six questions near the bottom:


  1. What are the most important challenges with our existing approach to regulating AI? Do you have views on the most important gaps, overlaps or contradictions?


  1. Do you agree with the context-driven approach delivered through the UK’s established regulators set out in this paper? What do you see as the benefits of this approach? What are the disadvantages?


  1. Do you agree that we should establish a set of cross-sectoral principles to guide our overall approach? Do the proposed cross-sectoral principles cover the common issues and risks posed by AI technologies? What, if anything, is missing?


  1. Do you have any early views on how we best implement our approach? In your view, what are some of the key practical considerations? What will the regulatory system need to deliver on our approach? How can we best streamline and coordinate guidance on AI from regulators?


  1. Do you anticipate any challenges for businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions? Do you have any early views on how our approach could help support cross-border trade and international cooperation in the most effective way?


  1. Are you aware of any robust data sources to support monitoring the effectiveness of our approach, both at an individual regulator and system level?


The Government deadline is 26 September 2022 and they request that you send responses to However, we would prefer to receive your feedback by 7 September 2022 at 11:00 as we are collaborating with MedTech Europe on this matter and need to align our approach.

In the latter’s case, please send your responses to, in addition to


Ben Kemp