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UK SMI V 44: Laboratory diagnosis of syphilis

By August 25, 2023No Comments

This consultation asks for feedback on UK SMI V 44: laboratory diagnosis of syphilis.

This consultation closes at midday on 5 September 2023

Consultation description

UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has opened a consultation in joint partnership with professional organisations.

This consultation asks for feedback in relation to the UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations (UK SMI) V 44: laboratory diagnosis of syphilis.

Please note that the title of UK SMI V 44 ‘Syphilis serology’ has changed to ‘Laboratory diagnosis of syphilis’.

We have refined the process so that UK SMI users can comment more easily if they see no requirement for amendments to the document out for consultation.

We request that all feedback be provided through the survey form. Do not submit your feedback as a PDF. If you are unable to access the link, please contact the Standards Unit ( and we will forward you a MS Word version.

You can access the full consultation here.


Ben Kemp