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The UK Single Trade Window: Consultation on Features to Inform Design and Legislation

By July 29, 2022No Comments

The UK is seeking to take advantage of the benefits of trade post-Brexit by creating the most effective trade border in the world: the UK Single Trade Window.

The UK government has committed £180m to build a world-leading Single Trade Window which will reduce costs and bureaucracy for traders at the border, embrace innovation, simplify processes for traders and travellers, and improve the security and biosecurity of the UK.

Building on the themes outlined in the Discussion Paper and the feedback received, this consultation focuses on the following areas concerning the expected legislative changes necessary to deliver the STW:

  • The collection, use and sharing of data within government, including where this could support functionalities such as pre-population and multifiling.
  • Enabling government visibility, and use of, supply chain data, with the aim of reducing data entry and administrative burdens of submitting border data to government, whilst maintaining the government’s compliance capability.
  • Facilitating trade through targeted international data sharing with other countries and territories, subject to appropriate data protection arrangements.

Additionally, the consultation sets out the government’s proposals for the STW to ultimately become the sole point of entry for transactional border data, which was not a part of the previous Discussion Paper.

The Discussion Paper also set out questions on two further areas:

  • Self-declaration: the extent to which the STW functionality could enable a wider range of traders and/or intermediaries to submit border data directly to government.
  • How the STW should work with existing port and commercial systems, including CSPs.

You can access the full consultation document here, along with the full questionnaire.

If you wish to complete the online survey, which allows you to submit your written responses to questions posed in the consultation, please click here. This will close at 11:30 on 15th September 2022.

Natalie Creaney