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Collection of Private Healthcare activity data by NHS England

By April 6, 2023No Comments

NHS England are proposing to collect and process private healthcare hospital activity data known as admitted patient care (APC) data.

This will result in NHS funded and private healthcare activity data being available for the first time within a single repository, enabling it to be linked to meet a variety of customer needs. This will also contribute to achieving recommendation 1 of the Paterson Inquiry.

This new consultation is designed to widen the range of views that have contributed to the Acute Data Alignment (ADAPt) project to date, and to ensure that they identify, and address, any significant issues and concerns that may arise.

In doing so, they want to understand the extent to which people are supportive of our vision of a standardised version and single source of healthcare information, and to explore the use (and restrictions of use), and benefits, of combining NHS and private activity data within NHS centralised reporting systems.

To provide your feedback, please click the link here.

Natalie Creaney