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Call for evidence: use of disodium octaborate

By June 24, 2022No Comments

DEFRA are seeking evidence on the use of disodium octaborate in Great Britain and the potential impact that adding disodium octaborate to the UK REACH authorisation list could have.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provided a recommendation to the Defra Secretary of State that disodium octaborate is a priority substance for inclusion on Annex 14 of UK REACH (the Authorisation List) in December 2021.

The Secretary of State, and Welsh and Scottish Ministers must now make a decision on whether it should be added to the Authorisation List.  That would mean that prior authorisation would be needed to use disodium octaborate, or place it on the market, after the specified sunset date.

If you wish to give evidence, please complete the online survey here. The closing date for submission is 12/08/2022.

Natalie Creaney