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BS EN IEC 61267 Ed.3.0 BS EN 61267 Ed.3.0 Medical diagnostic X-ray equipment – Radiation conditions for use in the determination of characteristics

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In addition to the requirements of IEC 61326-1, this part of IEC 61326 specifies the EMC test requirements for process automation equipment using at least one Ethernet-APL (Ethernet Advanced Physical Layer) compliant port. The type of equipment covered by this part includes infrastructure devices such as switches as well as measurement and control devices. This part of IEC 61326 provides requirements for the EMC test setups of the APL interface for devices intended for use in process control and process measurement. The other functions of the equipment remain covered by other parts of the IEC 61326 series. Note Ethernet-APL uses IEEE Std. 802.3-2022 Ethernet Physical Layer 10BASE-T1L, suitable to be used for full-duplex communication over a single balanced pair of conductors. The test levels are based on the intended environment as stated in the product’s specification or user documentation and selected appropriately from IEC 61326-1.

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