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BS EN 62563-3 Ed.1.0 Medical electrical equipment – Medical image display systems. Part 3: Evaluation methods for colour displays

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Comment by: 30 August


This part of IEC 62563 describes test methods for evaluating colour medical image display devices.

The scope of this standard applies to medical image display systems, which can display colour image information on colour image display systems. This standard applies to medical image display systems used for diagnostic (interpretation of medical images toward rendering clinical diagnosis) or viewing (viewing medical images for medical purposes other than for providing a medical interpretation) purposes and therefore having specific requirements in terms of image quality.

This document is directed to practical tests that can be evaluated visually or measured with basic test equipment to assess the device under test in its environment. More advanced or more quantitative measurements can be performed on these devices, but these are beyond the scope of this document.

This document is intended to be used in conjunction with IEC 62563-1. IEC 62563-3 includes additional methods for the evaluation of colour image information on colour medical displays expanding the list of test methods currently included in IEC 62563-1 which are limited to methods for greyscale characteristics.

It is not in the scope of this standard to define the requirements of acceptance and constancy tests or the frequencies of constancy tests.

Head mounted image display devices and image display devices used for confirming positioning and for operation of the system are not covered by this standard.

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Ben Kemp