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BS 2646-3 Autoclaves for sterilization in laboratories –. Part 3: Safe use and operation – Code of Practice

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Comment by: 30th Aug


This Part of BS 2646 gives recommendations for the factors to be taken into account when devising procedures for the safe and effective use of laboratory autoclaves of the types specified in BS 2646‑1.

NOTE 1 I.e. autoclaves for the sterilization of goods and material which could be infected with organisms, the sterilization and/or processing of growth media or other materials required for the operation of a laboratory.

NOTE 2 The procedures described are designed to:

  1. a)      minimize hazards to operators and other personnel;
  2. b)      confirm the ability of the autoclave to carry out effectively each of the processes defined in BS 2646‑1:2021; and
  3. c)      plan and carry out maintenance tasks, including calibration, and to carry out performance qualification of the identified loads.

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Ben Kemp