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AI regulation: a pro-innovation approach – policy proposals

By April 6, 2023No Comments

The AI regulation white paper sets out the Government’s proposals for implementing a proportionate, future-proof and pro-innovation framework for regulating AI.

In the consultation, we’re seeking feedback on the proposals, including:

  1. the revised cross-sectoral principles, including safety and transparency
  2. a statutory duty requiring regulators to have due regard to the cross-sectoral principles
  3. new central functions that focus on coherence across the regulatory landscape, cross-sectoral risk, and monitoring and evaluation
  4. additional education and awareness support for consumers, businesses, and regulators
  5. the allocation of legal responsibility for AI throughout the value chain
  6. approaches to the regulation of foundation models
  7. an AI regulatory sandbox

This consultation closes at 11:45pm on 21 June 2023.

You can respond to the consultation through this link.

Natalie Creaney