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The AMR Diagnostics Programme Board – update

By October 1, 2021No Comments

The AMR Diagnostics Programme Board met this week and there will be a report published in near future entitled

‘Improving the blood culture pathway: A national review of the processes around the blood culture pathway to support the national ambitions for antimicrobial resistance reduction and improving the management of patients with infection.’ We will circulate this once it is available.

The DHSC are reviewing the terms of Reference for the Board and its activity as it resumes post-pandemic and Doris-Ann represents industry at this so can raise any issues or suggestions from members for the Board to consider.

BIVDA have also again been invited to be part of the MediaPlanet AMR supplement which is published each November in a newspaper or periodical, last year it was in the Guardian so Doris-Ann will be reaching out to the AMR working party for suggestions of themes for our article.