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New NHS Genomics Strategy released

The NHS have released a comprehensive strategy for embedding genomics in the NHS over the next 5 years. It is their intention to accelerate the embedding of genomic medicine across the NHS, therefore providing a world leading, equitable service to populations and individuals. In the report, a number of ambitions have been outlined, including: creating an innovative, world-leading genomics service…
Ben Kemp
October 21, 2022
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Women’s Health Strategy Summary

Despite making up more than half of the UK population, women are much more likely to suffer ill health and disability throughout their lives. Therefore, a strategy targeted specifically at women’s health, and how to alleviate the problems outlined, is vital. Women are evidently affected by many conditions which men do not suffer from, such as endometriosis and miscarriage, and…
Natalie Creaney
July 29, 2022