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UK Medtech and Diagnostics Strategy

The DHSC Medtech Directorate shared the final details of the strategy which has been submitted to ministers this week, it has not substantially changed from the initial presentations and information that members were provided at our AGM in March 2022. The approval and response from ministers are expected this week, to aim to publish on the 4 July, however there…
Natalie Creaney
June 24, 2022
Membership NewsMembership News Archive

New MedTech Strategy in development

The Department of Health and Social Care is working on a new MedTech Strategy. The Diagnostics Strategy was presented to members at the Annual General Meeting in March, and the Medtech Strategy to the MedTech Trade Association forum in April. The aim of these strategies is to ensure the healthcare system has access to safe, effective, innovative and ground-breaking medical…
Ben Kemp
April 14, 2022