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National Health Executive Backlog Event: Diagnostics

Panellists: Matthew Inada-Kim, Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust Marisa Logan-Ward, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Hari Jayaram, Moorfields Eye Hospital Elaine Cloutman-Green, Great Ormond Street Hospital Marisa Logan-Ward welcomed Government investment in diagnostics, particularly as laboratory information systems have traditionally lacked investment in the North-West. The investment has been particularly effective in digital histopathology. She did caution though that there needs to…
Natalie Creaney
February 24, 2023
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Government rejects call for integrated recovery plan to tackle backlog caused by pandemic

A report which called for an integrated recovery plan to help clear the backlog caused by the pandemic has been rejected by the Government. The report, published in December, urged the Government to formulate a broad plan which encompassed elements such as emergency health, primary care, and mental health. A source of further criticism stems from the Government’s refusal to…
May 20, 2022
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Health and Social Care Levy introduced across the UK

After months of speculation, the Health and Social Care Levy has officially been unveiled this week across the UK, paid for by a 1.25% increase in NI contributions. The Levy, which intends to raise £39 billion over the next three years, will be used to tackle the COVID backlog and improve vital services through speedier diagnoses and the cutting of…
Ben Kemp
April 8, 2022
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NHS faces 6,000 staffing shortage for community diagnostic centres

The Government’s plans to establish a minimum of 100 community diagnostic centres (CDCs) across the country face major difficulties as medical leaders have warned that they lack the 6,000 staff necessary to run them. Health Minister Edward Argar has previously confirmed that CDCs will require an extra 3,500 radiographers, 2,000 radiologists and 500 senior nurses in order to operate. This…
Ben Kemp
February 25, 2022